An introduction to the Nam Pai Chuan system - what our classes are like & information about development and progress within the system
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 Uniform buy back scheme 
Uniforms that are no longer required can be sold back to the club by members (if they are in good condition). Trousers or tops will be bought for half their original purchase price and then sold on to new members for the same reduced price. To take part please see Matthew.
 Shin and Instep protection for sparring 
For safety reasons it is now a requirement that anyone sparring uses shin and instep protection in addition to the usual safety equipment groin guard, mouth shield, body armour and headguard. Shin and instep protection is available from your instructor.
 Children's class at the Cornerstone Community Centre 
There are now two children's kung fu classes for 6 - 14 year olds on Mondays & Thursday at the Cornerstone Community Centre. The kids kung fu class is from 4.45 - 5.45pm on Mondays & 5 - 6pm on Thursdays. The class costs 5 and parents are welcome to stay and watch.
 Bring a friend and train for free 
To encourage new people to come and try out kung fu, the club is offering existing members a free class whenever they bring someone new to come and train. This means that both of you will train for free. This arrangement applies at The University of Sussex and at the Cornerstone Centre. We look forward to seeing you and your friends at training.
 New senior class 
There is now a class for green belts and above at the Cornerstone. The class is from 8-9pm. The class will be held every week and will provide seniors with an opportunity to develop their understanding of syllabus and other aspects of NPC. The class costs 4 and can be attended independently of the general class.
A history of the origin of Nam Pai Chuan, with details about the founders, Sifu Quek Heng Choon, Master Leow Cheng Khoon, Sifu Christopher Lai Khee Choong
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