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 Teaching Philosophy 

First and foremost, Nam Pai Chuan is a martial art, not a sport. As such we accord it the respect due to a martial art. Students are expected to obey certain rules of courtesy and good behaviour. Instructors of the style teach in a traditional and sincere manner, with a regard for practical requirements and the importance of an enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere in which to learn. While Nam Pai Chuan instructors do not ignore tradition and aesthetics just to be practical, neither are they slaves to tradition who disregard practical purposes and situations.

 What are our students and classes like? 

Our members come from a variety of cultures and traditions with women now making up nearly 50% of our members. Children also sometimes train within the adult classes, with special attention being paid to their particular needs. Classes begin with a warm-up to prepare the body for kung fu. This includes cardiovascular, strengthening and stretching exercises, and may also involve chi-gung breathing techniques. We then teach the basic techniques of our system, including traditional Chinese classical forms and sequences. The classes enable students to discover and experience their physical 'centre', and as in traditional Chinese martial arts, students often train in pairs, in order to understand the correct application of specific techniques.

 Development and progress within the System 

Grading examinations are held every 3 months. Those who progress to black-belt level are eligible to take Instructors' qualification courses, and on completion are able to apply for permission to open their own centres.

 Recognition & Insurance 

Nam Pai Chuan is a member of the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts (the BCCMA), the controlling body for Chinese martial arts in the United Kingdom. Through the BCCMA we provide comprehensive insurance cover for all our students and instructors.

A history of the origin of Nam Pai Chuan, with details about the founders, Sifu Quek Heng Choon, Master Leow Cheng Khoon, Sifu Christopher Lai Khee Choong
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