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Sussex Nam Pai Chuan
Welcome to Nam Pai Chuan at Brighton, Sussex

The name of our System is Shaolin Nam Pai Chuan (North South Fist), one of the many styles in the rich panoply of Chinese martial arts. It has been taught in Brighton for the past fifteen years and is a broad style, incorporating all the fundamental elements of the martial arts. Students of Nam Pai Chuan learn numerous techniques, including blocking, kicking, punching, locking, throwing and nerve-point strikes. Students also learn forms - continuous, flowing sequences used to teach the essence of martial movement and fighting. Learning a wide variety of techniques will provide you with a firm grounding in the general concepts that underlie the martial arts whilst allowing you to better understand what elements are of greatest interest to yourself.

Nam Pai Chuan teaches many techniques which could be seen as 'styles' in their own right. Basic techniques such as kicking and punching are taught alongside the eighteen traditional Shaolin weapons and the forms of the tiger, snake, monkey, eagle and leopard. Nam Pai Chuan is a holistic martial art where the health of the practitioner is emphasised, and as such teaches Chi-Gung, a Chinese system of stationary and moving breathing exercises. These exercises are practised to strengthen and nourish internal organs and to teach you how to channel your body's own energy, its chi, into a movement or part of your body.

You are welcome to come at any time and try a free class. There are classes at the Cornerstone Community Centre in Hove or else at the University of Sussex Sports Centre in Falmer. Just come in loose trousers and a plain T-shirt. No special footwear is needed, although if you want to practise in trainers you can. You are welcome at any time, whether to train or just to come and watch. We look forward to meeting you.

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